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   Mercy is a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence for Pre-K 4 through 8th grade.
   We educate students to be life-long learners and prepare them to be leaders who are ready to serve.

   Our mission is to develop and honor each student spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, creatively, and physically. Guided by Catholic beliefs, our diverse community invites each child to live  and serve in a changing society as a self-respecting and responsible citizen.

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My nine years at Mercy undoubtedly built the foundation for who I am now as an adult. Although my education fully prepared me for high school and college, it was more than just the curriculum that made an impact.

I used study skills I learned from Ms. Degnan all the way through college, I learned cooperation and leadership from group projects with Mrs. Thompson, and I learned enthu siasm for learning from Mrs. Lee. The buddy program taught me how to be a role model. I learned hard work, attitude, and practice can lead to a championship game, and sometimes that was followed with learning how to graciously lose. I had great friends to share these experiences with and now have life-long friends I know I’ll always be able to count on.

It was my experience at Mercy that inspired me to pursue a career in education. Now as I stand in front of my own eager students, I sometimes find myself smiling and thinking, “How would Ms. Degnan have handled this?
~ Amy Lynch, Class of 2006

Our Lady of Mercy is an exceptional environment where outstanding academic and athletic opportunities are provided for your children by people committed to achieving excellence and realizing the true potential of each individual. My wife and I feel blessed to have the privilege of sending our two boys to this institution, and even more importantly, of being part of a warm and caring community that extends beyond the scholastic world.

~ Dan Forest

From the moment I took a tour of OLM, I felt like I was coming "home". I wanted my daughter to receive a private education where she would not only be challenged, but nurtured in her environment. The diversity of the students, teachers, and parent volunteers was very attractive.  My daughter has found great many friends, and OLM is a small community that I feel blessed to be a part of.
Robynne Plouff
Our Lady of Mercy has immensely contributed to the person I am today. The first time I took a step inside the building, I became awestruck at the love radiating around me. Thanks to Mercy, I’ve learned the value of not only a great work ethic but also the importance of being a part of a close-knit community. I did not see my classmates as just people, or mere acquaintances, but as family. Mercy instilled in me a sense of belonging and encouraged me to reach out to others and form new relationships. I will never forget the many lessons Mercy has taught me academically, socially, and spiritually.
~ Kaili Griffin, Class of 2012

We wanted the best education we could get for our children. After having met with staff, we “walked the halls” with two middle school students at Mercy. Along with OLM’s outstanding reputation, we were able to engage with our boy and girl tour guides.  They looked us in the eye and spoke articulately.  Combined with these factors and the excellent Catholic education, Mercy was a natural choice.  It is the best decision we could have made with respect to our children.

Jim Babcock

Mercy has been a perfect blessing for our family. We have received unlimited support and love from the teachers and staff. I have been so impressed with the strong Catholic faith that Our Lady of Mercy nurtures. Coming from a homeschool environment this was VERY important to my family. OLM has also been absolutely wonderful for each of my children and their very different learning differences. I can not imagine us anywhere else!

~ Greta Argenta

My children are receiving the best education, due to the quality of the teaching staff, in a loving and caring environment that is very respectful.

Katy O’Kennedy

Our Lady of Mercy is an amazing place my children are learning to be better people and to let their actions be guided by God. Academically they are pushed to excel, socially they learn how to be part of a larger community, and spiritually they learn to have compassion for others. Mercy is a wonderful environment where I feel my children are not only safe, but enriched d aily.

Rebecca Seeber

Our kids are loved and nurtured in all the right ways at Our Lady of Mercy. Our beloved Catholic faith is shared in a sincere and beautiful way with the students, and we are deeply grateful to be a part of this community.

~Brian & Jessica Wells

After touring several schools in the area, it was a no-brainer choosing Mercy. As a new parent, it's difficult to "let go" of your kids. How we loved and cared for our kids at home is how we wanted them to be loved at school. This was apparent the moment we stepped into the Kindergarten classroom during our visit. The passionate way that the teacher interacted with each child, with love and guidance, was truly visible. We were sold that day!  The student tour was authentic and engaging, and the teachers we met were inviting and welcoming. We never felt like we were imposing on their class.

~ Karen Simon & Jennifer Averill 
OLM is very comprehensive and addresses every aspect of a child's development. Students are held to high academic standards and challenged to their fullest potential.
Denise Steele

"We have entrusted our children to OLM for three reasons: A strong commitment to teaching the Catholic faith; talented and passionate teaching professionals; and its environment of respect, positivity, and fun."

~ Jane Pueschel

Our Lady of Mercy's academics are second to none but to us, the true sense of family and the warmth which exudes from this school is unlike anything we had ever experienced. Once you walk through the doors of Mercy, you instantly feel as though you are home and the comfort this provides is amazing.

Kim Vargas 
I graduated OLM in 2011 and was well prepared for high school at Bishop McGuinness . I have now continued to Belmont Abbey College, but it's amazing how much the teachers still care and know about the students!
~ Kelly Thomas
This is our third year at OLM (Pre-K, K and 1) and we remain very pleased with the school. We toured several schools in the area and easily chose OLM. We find the school to be a very warm and unpretentious place, while also holding students to a high level of academic rigor and behavioral expectation. The Christian education is also very important to us. While the academics are strong, teaching the students how to be followers of Christ is equally important. Our family is Protestant (Episcopalian) and we feel very much part of the school fiber. Sr. Geri, along with every teacher and staff member we have encountered have been welcoming and gracious. I feel that any of them would do whatever it takes to ensure the children's safety and well being.
Current Parent 
I attended K-8th and graduated in 2002. It was and still is a great school. I was very well prepared for high school . I am not Catholic but was treated just the same! It is well worth the money!
~ Jessica Lloyd Rothrock
Our Lady of Mercy has been a part of our lives for many years. Joe attended Mercy when it was on Main Street. It is home for us -- a great place to be! In 2002, Mrs. Brannan began her work as an assistant there. All four boys participated in Mercy sports as well as alter serving. Once a Mustang, always a Mustang.

~The Brannans, a family of Mercy Alums
Joe Brannan, Class of 1979
Sean Brannan, Class of 2004
Conner Brannan, Class of 2006
Riley Brannan, Class of 2009
Jack Brannan, Class of 2011

"Every morning I drop my children off at OLM school, I have peace of mind knowing they will be not only be getting a great intellectual education but also a spiritual education as they will be surrounded by Christian moral beliefs." 

Lilia Vieyra
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