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Tuition Assistance  
Our Lady of Mercy has limited tuition assistance funds to give to those families whose income is less than $100,000.
We recommend any interested families to check out the NC Opportunity Scholarship.
The Opportunity Scholarship Act creates scholarships that allow low-income and working-class students (in grade K-12) to attend participating private schools.
For more information, click here to be redirected to the School Choice NC website.  Applications are due by MARCH 1ST.
FACTS (formerly PSAS) is provided to current families attending OLM School. Anyone wishing to apply for tuition assistance must fill out an online application form, with proper financial documentation, including a current tax return, by March 15. We are unable to process any request for tuition assistance without this form being filed.

FACTS processes the applications to ensure total confidentiality and objectivity. They rank families by need and send us the rankings. We then do our best to match needs with the tuition assistance funds we have available. Tuition assistance offers are usually mailed by the last week of May.

Note that Tuition Assistance is separate from the subsidy that a supporting Catholic parish pays to our school on behalf of the families who participate at their parish.

This overall financial policy reflects the interaction and consultation of the Board of Education, the Finance Commission, the Parish Council, the Principal, and Pastor of Our Lady of Mercy Church in concert with policies established by the Diocese of Charlotte.

Click on the link to APPLY for a FACTS Tuition Assistance Application form. FACTS DOES NOT provide financial assistance. FACTS is an outside agency that ranks your individual (family) financial needs based on the information provided. 

This application requires documentation for income received the previous year..
  1. Detailed copies of all pages and Schedules of your previous year Federal Income Tax Return Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ (as filed with the IRS) for individuals listed in Sections A and B.Recaps and/or Summary Forms are not acceptable. If you file Schedule(s) A, C, E, or F, you must provide copies. If you have not yet filed, or are not required to file a tax return, see the REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION section of the INSTRUCTIONS..
  2. Copies of all previous year W-2 Wage and Tax Statement Forms, all previous year1099/1099R for Interest/Dividends, Pensions/Annuities and/or Misc. Income Forms for individuals listed in Sections A and B (Please make sure all documentation is copied on regular 8 1/2 x 11 paper – Documentation cannot be returned).
  3. Documentation of TOTAL AMOUNTS received in previous year for all Non-Taxable Income (see Section G for specific requirements)..