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Golf Marathon
Fundraising Tips 
Typical Sponsorship Levels
Most people sponsor between 25¢ and $1 per hole that the team completes. However, some people choose to give much more. No donation is too big or too small. Many people would rather give a flat donation than sponsoring your efforts on a hole by hole basis. Either way is great!

Creating a Vision for Sponsors
When you share with someone about sponsoring your efforts at Golf Marathon, it is important to share why you are trying to raise funds. Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School has a wonderful tradition of quality education, in not only fundamental academics, but also in values, inspiring our students to be brothers and sisters to each other and everyone around them. We want more students to be a part of Mercy family. Therefore, funds raised by our golfers will be used for tuition assistance. 

It is important to make a clear invitation to sponsor you and invite them to join you in the challenge. Additionally, over the years many have found it to be a good idea to ask sponsors to donate a certain amount. You’ll be surprised how excited and eager many are to give beyond your expectations!

How long do I have to gathers sponsors? 
It will take you about four weeks to reach your sponsorship goal. If you set weekly goals, and spend a few hours a week working toward those goals, you will succeed. It may be helpful to make a list of prospective individuals and businesses.

How are pledges to be collected? 
All golfers will have pledge card to fill out. These are here online and also in your golfer handbook.

Sponsors may give a check to you make payable to Our Lady of Mercy School, go online to make a payment by credit/debit or e-check, or mail a check or mail the check directly to us at:
Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School
Director of Advancement
1730 Link Rd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Please be sure they note your name as the golfer they are sponsoring.

A receipt from Our Lady of Mercy will be sent to each sponsor for tax purposes. You will receive email updates as to what donations have been collected for your participation.

Having Trouble Thinking of People To Ask for Pledges? 
We set a reasonable goal of sending your support asks to 100 people in your extended circles of influence. It may be hard to think about 100 people that you know, but with a little effort, you may just surprise yourself! In fact, we've compiled some ideas to help you with this brainstorm. If you work through this list, 100 asks will seem much more possible. In fact, you may find that there are more than 100 names on your list! The more letters/e-mails/facebook posts you send, the more money you'll raise and the more the marathon will be worth your time. Don't forget that you can send letters AND emails AND posts to the same people for a better success rate!

1) Family
- Immediate family
- Relatives - close and distant
- Parent's or spouse's list

2) Friends
- Close friends
- College friends
- Parent's or spouse's friends
- Close friends' friends
- Your child's friends' parents
- High school/ college friends
- Golfing buddies
- "Civic" friends (dentist, doctor, accountant, insurance agent, barber, realtor, broker, neighbors, banker, etc.)

3) Work/Business Contacts
- This has shown to be one of the most effective. People like to know what you do personally; it's a good conversation piece.
- Employers, employees, vendors, suppliers, clients, co-workers, etc…
- Office mates/work partners
- People who do work for you
- People you sell to or do work for

4) Church Contacts
- People in your small group
- Board members
- Faith formation classes
- Other golfers in the church
- Miscellaneous parish friends and acquaintances