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Five Star Pre-K and K through 8th grade Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

Principal's Corner

Dear Folks,

One of my favorite Biblical stories is from the book of Genesis 37.  It is the story of Joseph, the youngest son of Jacob.  You may be familiar with Andrew Lloyd Weber’s production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”  The multi-colored coat and the exhilarating music keep the story alive for all who have seen the show.

In the many years I have been here at OLM Parish and school, I find each day as exciting as if I were in the theater watching the production.  OLM’s halls are filled with sounds of music and art work.  The excitement seen in the twinkle of the eyes of our youngest students as they learn to read on their own, or the light that clicks in our older students as they complete the Science project or balance an equation.  Lots of good things are happening at OLM—almost as exciting as a Broadway Show!

Here’s to a year full of good things!

Sister Geri Rogers SSJ