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How Mercy Ranks

Every year, Mercy students take the Stanford Achievement Test. Often simply referred to as the "Stan 10" or "SAT-10", these are a set of standardized achievement tests used by school districts in the US and in American schools abroad for assessing students from Kindergarten through High School. This achievement test assesses areas of mathematics, language, reading, listening comprehension, science and social studies. 
Each year, the Diocese of Charlotte publishes how our students rank against the average score for all the Diocese of Charlotte schools. From a recent publication from Winston Salem Forsyth County School, public school elementary school students scored the following: Reading Proficiency: 50.8%, Math Proficiency 48.9%, Science Proficiency: 65.4%. 
2019 North Carolina Writing Assessment for 4th and 7th Grades
The 4th & 7th grade classes have worked hard and their test scores show it. The NC Writing Assessment results are in and we'll let the scores speak for themselves. The state writing assessment is graded on a 4-point scale with 4 being the highest. The assessment consists of one prompt that asks students to compose an expository clarification or point-of-view essay. The test is designed to measure core composition skills such as main idea, supporting details, organization and coherence, as well as grammar and spelling conventions.

2019 4th grade stats: 100% scored a 2.5 or higher. 54% scored a 3 or above. The class average was a 2.9, in comparison to the Diocesan average of 2.3.

2019 7th grade stats: 5 students in the class scored a perfect 4! 83% scored a 3 or above. 39% scored a 3.5 or above. The class average was 3.4 in comparison to the Diocesan average of 3.1.