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Five Star Pre-K and K through 8th grade Blue Ribbon School of Excellence


Name Title
Aho, Christina Physical Education Instructor / Technology Instructor
Bautista, Erica Instructor
Brannan, Elissa Instructor - Grade 3
Bryson, Cindy Instructor - Grade 1
Cancro, Paula Instructor - Kindergarten
Chambers, Brittany PreK Assistant / After School Care
Cobb, Tyler Instructor - Middle School
Daniel, Dianne TA-Kindergarten
Degnan, Jean Instructor - Grade 5
Dues, Lauren TA - 1st Grade
Edwards, Addy TA - Pre-K
Eggers, Kimberly Special Education Teacher
Evans, Melodi Administrative Assistant
Farmer, Nancy Instructor - Middle School
Gomez, Nicole After School Care
Hagborg, Samantha Instructor - Grade 2
Hinson, Marilyn TA - Grade 3
Kelly, Andrea Instructor - Art
Kuyler, Karen Instructor - Music
LaFontaine, Kathleen Tutor
Lanning, Debbie Parish Manager
Moreira, Alex
Nieves, Awilda Instructor - Middle School
Ogarek, Melissa TA - 2nd Grade
Rogers, Geri Principal
Safewright, Amanda Instructor - PreK
Safrit, Janice Librarian
Spangenberg, Suzanne Middle School - Instructor
Stoltz, Amanda Director of Operations
Tennyson, Janet Instructor / Technology Coordinator
Velasco, Luis Facility manager
Wichser, Anne School Counselor/Learning Support
Wichser, Annie Guidance/Learning Support