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Our Lady of Mercy follows curriculum standards set by the State of North Carolina and the Diocese of Charlotte. The curriculum subjects included in a Mercy education are:

English/Language Arts
Social Studies
Religion/Family Life
Physical Education
Information Skills

Sacramental Preparation

The spiritual life of the child is nurtured at the school, at liturgical celebrations in the parish, and within the family. However, it is your own parish, not the school, which is responsible for the immediate preparation of the sacraments. This preparation may include retreats, workshops, rites, parent meetings, sacramental preparation sessions and rehearsals, and eventually, the sacramental celebration itself.

Please register your child(ren) in the sacramental programs offered at your parish with the understanding that the final phase of preparation does not occur at school. Registration times vary from parish to parish, so parents should contact the Sacramental Coordinator in their parish two years prior to the sacramental year.

Family Presence at Weekly Mass

Our students participate in a weekly Mass as part of our school activities. However, family attendance and participation at a Saturday Vigil Mass or Sunday Mass is an important opportunity for parent-directed religious education as well as parish community building.

It is therefore essential to our mission as Catholic school educators in partnership with parents that families attend Mass on a weekly basis, and that parents attentively provide example/ assistance to their children in developing habits of active participation in Mass.