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Support a Scholar

As a private school, we know that tuition is a sacrifice for our families, and some have difficulties paying the full amount. Currently, 30% of our students receive some level of tuition assistance. Tuition assistance helps both our school and our families: Mercy is able to continue our tradition of diversity and support for our community, and our families receive the best Catholic education available for their children. The Support-A-Scholar Program is a unique opportunity to support a student’s Catholic education. The goal of this program is to bring together families who are in need of tuition assistance with those who want to help provide a Catholic education to a student in need. All of the scholars eligible to receive tuition assistance funds through this program will have documented the need for financial assistance.
As a Patron, we ask that you make either an annual or a three-year commitment of support. Commitments begin at a minimum of $350, which covers the instructional fees for a student for a year. To support as many families as possible, we ask that Patrons consider higher tiers of funding: $995 (the current Triad Capital Fee), $1,250 (quarter of tuition), $2,500 (half tuition), or even $5,000 (full tuition). All donations are tax-deductible; patrons will receive an annual acknowledgment receipt.
Patron Guidelines
•    Monies will not be transferred between the Patron and a Scholar family directly.
•    Because of privacy and confidentiality reasons, a patron will not be matched directly with a scholar by name. However, if a patron wishes to fund a particular type of scholar, please indicate your parameters on the attached contract.
•    Funds for this program are to be paid in full by May 1st, prior to start of the academic year in which the funds are applied. There is a variety of giving options including a single payment or monthly installments.
If you have any questions about this program, please contact Robin Ervinr, Director of Advancement, at 336.722.7204 or via e-mail at
Thank you for considering your support for one of our Mercy Scholars! If you would like to participate in this program, you can download the attachment to register.