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Family Requirements for Stewardship

Family Requirements for Stewardship  
  “For everything is from you, and we only give you what we have received from you.” 
- I Chronicles 29:14-16 

As part of our Catholic identity, our school works to sow the seeds of stewardship in our students. Since all we have is a gift from God, we all do what we can to give back to him in time, talent, and treasure. Teaching our students by example is very important when it comes to stewardship and this is one of the reasons we ask all of our families to participate in giving time, talent, and treasure to our school. In addition, our school would not be the wonderful place that it is without the involvement of our families. We rely on your support for many things.

We require family participation in the Gift Card Program, as it is an easy way to give of treasure without it “costing” families additional monies. Each family is expected to purchase $2,500 in gift cards each school year. Even families of two spend at least $2,000 in gas and groceries in a year, and using our gift cards to buy these items costs you nothing extra. However, Mercy gets to keep a small rebate from the retailers, which we split 50/50 with your family, based on your participation. The more you purchase in gift cards, the more rebate you receive at the end of the year, while helping our school!

In addition to our Gift Card Program, we ask each family to give of their time and talents. We do have a service hour requirement at our school, and we ask that each family do their best to pitch in when asked as “many hands make light work.” We want to build a community where everyone gives of their time and talent from their heart. We need everyone’s time and talent and ask you to commit a minimum of 15 hours of service to our school as a family, as only with your help our students have:

  • Transportation and chaperones for meaningful field trips
  • Fun classroom parties
  • Teachers whose efforts are supported by Grade Parents and all classroom parents
  • Supplemental funds to purchase curriculum upgrades for our classrooms
  • Upgraded infrastructure for our internet and new technology being installed for the fall
  • Tuition assistance funds to allow their families to afford a Mercy education for them
  • The best Catholic education available!

None of these things could be accomplished without the many hands that help throughout our school and at all of our fundraising events during the year. Our parent portal serves as our volunteer signup, so as you log in to see your child’s homework and grades, you can check for posted volunteer opportunities as well. See this link for other information about Parent Involvement.

We cannot thank you enough for all you give, knowing it is all for the good of our Mercy family and your children!