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School Board of Education

School Board of Education  

What is the purpose of the Board?

The Board has two main purposes:

1. To ensure that the policies of the Diocesan Board of Education are implemented.

2. To provide advice and recommendations to the Principal and Pastor on policies related to the overall operation of the school. 
The Board does not have the power to enact policy. All decisions/actions of the Board must have the approval of the Principal and Pastor.

What is the structure of the Board? 

The School Board consists of up to 15 members broken down as follows:
  • Voting members: Parents appointed by the Principal who serve a three (3) year term. These must include OLM parishioners, a representative from any parish that has ten or more students attending the school, and a non-Catholic representative.
  •  Non-voting members: Principal, assistant principal, pastor, a PTO representative/PTO president, athletic director, director of advancement, and the parish Director of Finance.

How does the Board function? 

Board meetings are regularly throughout the school year. During meetings, Board members may discuss, give advice and make recommendations over five (5) broad areas:

     1. Planning
     2. Policy Development
     3. Finance
     4. Public Relations
     5. Evaluation
If necessary, committees may be formed to focus on specific issues or carry out specific tasks. The Board does not deal with issues regarding teacher evaluations or carrying out discipline.

The Board is not a grievance board; however, parental input may be used to formulate and recommend policy

Can anyone attend a Board meeting? 

General meetings are open to the public. When necessary, Executive sessions are held to discuss confidential matters and are not open to the public. If you wish to address the Board, permission to be put on the agenda is necessary.

How do the Board and the PTO work together? 

The Board and the PTO share ideas and common planning. Whereas the Board is involved with policy and operation issues, the PTO provides opportunities for all parents to be directly involved in the school, and promotes parent-teacher communication. The PTO president may serve on the Board as a non-voting member.

What is the role of the Board within Our Lady of Mercy Parish community?

Our Lady of Mercy School is an integral part of the total parish. The Board provides the Catholic lay community a voice in educational decision-making and fulfills the commitment of the parish to provide students with a quality Catholic education. The Board and the Parish Council share information and common planning for the benefit of the parish community.