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Employment Opportunities

Are you passionate about teaching and eager to integrate your faith into your professional life? Do you thrive in environments with high academic standards and a commitment to moral and character development? Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School seeks dedicated teachers to join our dynamic team, where small class sizes allow for personalized instruction and stronger relationships with students.


Integrate Faith and Education: Seamlessly blend academic instruction with Catholic values, fostering spiritual growth and academic excellence among students. 

Maintain High Academic Standards: Develop and deliver engaging lesson plans that challenge students and uphold our reputation for academic excellence. 

Emphasize Character Education: Participate in a curriculum that promotes moral and character development, preparing students to be ethical and responsible citizens.

Provide Individualized Attention: Utilize small class sizes to offer personalized instruction, address diverse learning needs, and build strong relationships with students.

Foster Spiritual Development: Engage in school-wide liturgies, retreats, and faith-based events, contributing to the spiritual life of the school community.

Why Join Us? 

At Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School, you can integrate faith and education, delivering a comprehensive curriculum that reflects Catholic values and fosters both spiritual and academic development. Join a school renowned for its high academic standards and commitment to preparing students for success. Participate in a curriculum that emphasizes character education, helping students grow into well-rounded individuals. Benefit from individualized attention afforded by small class sizes, allowing you to build stronger relationships with students and cater to their unique needs. Grow spiritually by engaging in school-wide liturgies, retreats, and faith-based events.

Faith-Based Teaching: Opportunity to integrate your passion for education with your Catholic faith.

Academic Excellence: Be part of a school known for its high academic standards.

Moral Development: Engage in a curriculum that emphasizes character and moral education.

Personalized Instruction: Enjoy the benefits of small class sizes for more effective teaching and relationship building.

Spiritual Growth: Participate in school-wide liturgies and faith-based activities for personal spiritual development.


Application and Job Description of Open Positions:

Application for Teaching Position